When it comes to glass, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all. In fact, there are many different types of glass, ready for many different types of applications. In today’s blog, I will be discussing the basic types of glass and their less common counterparts. There are six common types. These basic compositions lead the way for the creation and use of a multitude of other different types of glass. These six basic types of glass are soda-lime glass, lead glass, borosilicate, aluminosilicate, high silica glass, and fused quartz.

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We all know glass as that solid, hard, yet brittle material that you can find almost anywhere; in the form of a window, a sculpture, or even a door. Glass has been a part of the human race since ancient times, and today we will look into the process and formation of glass. Glass is a solid object, though unlike ordinary crystalline materials, the molecules in glass are unorderly. Must often, when you look at a solid object, you will find the molecules to be in a certain pattern.

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