The average American household has 40 lights regularly changed throughout the year. Light bulbs are an essential aspect of life, and depend on them for their source of light and convenience. Yet, for many years, I have wondered what causes these objects to produce brightness. Today, I have decided to answer this question and share my findings. Unlike common belief, Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb; rather, he perfected it.

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A long-lasting question that I have had for a long time is how do sponges work? It seems pretty trivial, but it is quite valid. We use them almost every day, from our bathrooms to our kitchens. The sponge has a place in everyone’s home. And yet, people tend to know so little about them. We have all been raised to believe that an object with holes is incapable of holding liquid, and yet, here we are, facing one of the most absorbing substances, and it looks like swiss cheese.

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Elizabeth Dubinskiy

I am high school student with a passion for materials science and engineering. Using this blog I would like to share my research and findings.

High School student

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